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Bendigo Bin Hire

Bendigo  Bin Hire Is Environmentally Friendly

With an ongoing commitment to environmentally friendly practices, Bendigo Bin Hire is constantly looking for new ways to ensure as much of the rubbish collected is recycled rather than going into landfill. All concrete skip bins, brick skip bins and skips containing rocks or tiles are recycled into hard rubble. Green rubbish skips are redirected to landscaping facilities for recycling into mulch. Clean fill, dirt and soil skips are also recycled. Metal items, including white goods and items made from non ferrous steel can also be recycled.

For a small extra charge, Bendigo Bin Hire will also take away ‘additional items’ including e-waste items, mattresses, tyres and white goods. By recycling these items separately, the amount of waste going into landfill can be significantly reduced.

Conditions of use of our services

Payment is required on day of service, either by cash or cheque.

Prices quoted for ‘General Rubbish’ & ‘Green Rubbish’ skips includes dumping of up to 500kg for 2m³ Mini Skips, 650kg for 3m³ mini skip bins and 850kg for 4.5m³ skip bins, with extra charges applying for loads over these weights. Any extra charges incurred to be paid for within seven days of invoice date.

Contaminated materials or other hazardous or EPA prescribed wastes, including food scraps, chemicals or poisons, liquids including wet paint and oil, gas cylinders, explosive materials, or uncontained fine dusty substances including asbestos may NOT be placed in ANY SKIP.

To indemnify Bendigo Bin Hire against any liability for damages caused to any driveway, pavement, path, curbing or other surfaces as a result of the function performed.

Bendigo Bin Hire will not accept any responsibility for any injury to person or persons, or damage to property belonging to the customer or any other person, arising out of the use of the service, however such injury or damage was caused.

Skips must not be overloaded – i.e. level of waste must not go higher than lip of skip, green waste loads must be able to be tarped. Please make sure that you have loaded the skip so that rubbish does not move about while being transported.


The placement of the skip to the customer’s verbal or written instructions, at the time of placement or his or her order, will constitute the customer’s acceptance of these conditions should the customer be absent from the premises at the time of delivery of the skip.